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  • Professional Resume targeted to meet specific needs of employers.
  • Personalized Cover Letter that can be re-used for each job target.
  • Electronic Copy of all career documents in Microsoft Word Format.
  • Free Fax Services to fax your resume and cover letter to employers.
  • Permanent Backup of your professional resume and cover letter.



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CLICK HERE: 5 Tips to Preparing IT Resumes

IT resumes can be highly complex and difficult to prepare based on employer requirements. The first mistake that many IT professionals make when preparing their resume is excessively using technical IT terms that are difficult to understand.  In addition, many IT professionals use a lazy resume format / design that fail to grab attention.  Below are listed five tips when developing your IT resume that you should follow:

Technology and IT Resume Services

Resume Tip #1 – Headings or titles used in the resume should be in bold typeface and aligned with jobs you are interested in. For example, you want to use a heading relevant to position you are targeting with related keywords. Remember, employers get hundreds of resumes and you want the most pertinent information to stand out. List your technical skills at the top of your resume under your introduction and keywords. Many employers will make a decision on who to hire based on their technology skills. Finally, list your certifications and use icons to showcase your specific IT skills and expertise.   A great resume writing service will help you define resume headings and titles.

Resume Tip #2 – Find a technical resume design that will grab and hold employer’s attention.  See IT resume samples that get attention. Try using fonts such as Arial or Lucinda Sans to display a technical look and feel. Use bold fonts for headings, company names, job titles, and employment dates. Categorize your technology skills based on software platforms, operating systems, tools, servers, routers, networking protocols, etc. List your certifications at the top of your resume and in the education section.

Resume Tip #3 – Prepare powerful resume content that demonstrates your technical abilities in terms that any person could understand. Remember, it may not be an IT person reading your resume.  Therefore, it is important for them to understand what systems you implemented and the bottom-line impact to the company. Here, you need to speak in active voice and describe what you did and why you are the right fit for the job. Pay close attention to employer’s job requirements and make your resume communicate what employers want.

Resume Tip #4 – Make strong use of keywords to expand and elevate your skills to the level employers expect to see. Work to quantify your achievements, explaining what you achieved and how you did it. Employers want to see concrete value, especially from IT professionals.  Many IT people understand systems and networks, but fail to communicate the value of what they do. You want to try to avoid general statements and having only technology jargon in your resume

Resume Tip #5 – Go after and pursue certifications.  IT jobs are usually very technical and require constant training to keep up with changing technologies.  It is up to you to be motivated and make sure you are properly trained or your resume will quickly be obsolete. In fact, having a certification such as Microsoft Office Professional or Cisco Security Expert certification can be the one thing you need to tip the scales in your favor. On top of that, you will demand a great salary and secure potential growth opportunities.

In conclusion, pay attention to how your resume is designed, the content, and training / certifications needed. Submit your resume to friends and family for review to determine what you need in your resume to succeed. Have them evaluate your resume based on presentation, content, and persuasiveness.

If you having difficulty preparing a professional IT resume, then let our team of Certified Resume Writers prepare one for you. We are leaders in Technology and IT Resume Services. Good Luck…