Resume Package Includes:

  • Professional Resume targeted to meet specific needs of employers.
  • Personalized Cover Letter that can be re-used for each job target.
  • Electronic Copy of all career documents in Microsoft Word Format.
  • Free Fax Services to fax your resume and cover letter to employers.
  • Permanent Backup of your professional resume and cover letter.



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CLICK HERE: Differences Between Manager Resumes and Non-Manager Resumes

Manager Resume ServicesThere are basic themes that form the backdrop in how resumes are laid out and are based on whether you are applying for a management or support type role.  The overall theme, format, content, and message delivery are very different between management and support resumes.  It is important to understand which resume theme to use based on position you are targeting.  So how do you know which theme applies to you?

First, you have to assess your work experience, education, and skill sets to determine if you qualify for a management or support role.  You also should take into account and list out your personal career interests, goals, and needs to determine what you want to do.  It is imperative to be realistic in your assessment to ensure the resume theme you choose will be successful. Researching providers of Manager Resume Services will help with this.

Once you select the theme, then everything in the resume from the profile and core competencies to the experience sections need to communicate that theme. For example, when applying for a management / executive role, the resume should communicate you are a unique and qualified leader.  The job target should reflect a management / executive position with an introduction / summary of qualifications that speaks to your leadership abilities. The core competencies should also reflect your management skills.

In a support resume, you want to communicate your value as a contributor and key player in getting things done. You want use words such as collaboration, problem-solver, resourceful, etc.  It can be beneficial to have management and support skills in the resume, but you must consider your audience.  Many employers looking for leaders expect to see management skills and vice-versa when it comes to support resumes.  In a great economy, employers have more dollars to invest in talent and appreciate diversity.  In a bad economy, employers are more specific in what they want based limited investment dollars.  Therefore, the more specific you are in the resume, the more qualified you will be to employers.

You want to focus your resume on supporting operations and your contributions to the business and organization.  Remember, employers who are looking for support personnel are not looking for management and vice-versa.  You don’t want to mix management and support roles to the point that it confuses employers in understanding what you want to do. It is all about the message.  The focus should be driven based on what you want to do with everything in the resume supporting that theme.

Review Manager Resume Services – Land the Job….

Trying to mix a management and support resume may serve your purpose in having one resume, but it only confuses your audience and potentially eliminates you from positions you are interested.  Get your resume critique by company providing Manager Resume Services and you will be on your way to success.