Resume Package Includes:

  • Professional Resume targeted to meet specific needs of employers.
  • Personalized Cover Letter that can be re-used for each job target.
  • Electronic Copy of all career documents in Microsoft Word Format.
  • Free Fax Services to fax your resume and cover letter to employers.
  • Permanent Backup of your professional resume and cover letter.



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CLICK HERE: How To Select Federal Government / Military Resume Services

In todayโ€™s economy, many jobseekers are trading their civilian jobs for career opportunities in the government sector. As a result, the need for a proficient Federal Resume Writer is in high demand. This is especially true given the large difference between civilian and government resumes. For example, government employers require much more data for government positions. Thus, it is important to select the right Federal Resume Writer who understands layout of government resumes.

Tips When Selecting Federal Government Resume Services

federal-government-resume-services2Review samples of government resumes written by a Federal Resume Writer. Make sure they understand layout of a government resume.ย ย For example, a government resume will include your job title, organization / company, hours worked per week, salary, supervisor name, organization, and contact information. It also will include all work history, awards, publications, presentations, professional affiliations, etc. It can be more than 2 pages, which is not the norm for civilian resumes.

When selecting a Federal Resume Writer, make sure they are certified to write Federal resumes. A Federal Resume Writer have to complete various exams and civilian / government resumes to qualify and gain certification.

Identify a Federal Resume Writer who offers FREE resume critique. This is a great opportunity to assess the competency and skill level of the writer to determine if they are capable of writing Federal resumes.

Does the Federal Resume Writer understand what information to gather and use in development of a government resume. For instance, do they ask for the job vacancy / announcement number, date of birth, agency, and rating level?

What is their process in terms of providing support after the resume is complete? Will they help you with the interview and job search process?

Can a Federal Resume Writer apply different resume formats within a government layout? It is important to ensure the government resume is achievement, skill-driven similar to a civilian resume? It should include keywords and phrases relevant to the job targeted and employer requirements.

Does the Federal Resume Writer have a track record of success writing government resumes? Do they offer client testimonials online at their website or at social networking sites? This can be a valuable resource in the selection process.

In conclusion, there are numerous Federal Resume Writers who are qualified to write government resumes. Take time to evaluate each Federal Resume Writer and make sure they meet your criteria. Spend time and do the due diligence and it will pay off. Now go out there and secure interviews and great job offers.