Resume Package Includes:

  • Professional Resume targeted to meet specific needs of employers.
  • Personalized Cover Letter that can be re-used for each job target.
  • Electronic Copy of all career documents in Microsoft Word Format.
  • Free Fax Services to fax your resume and cover letter to employers.
  • Permanent Backup of your professional resume and cover letter.



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CLICK HERE: Tips When Evaluating Executive Resume Services

What makes Executive Resume Writers good is there unique resume writing skills and experience. Executive resumes can be highly complex and requires command of the English language and aptitude for applying keywords, proper resume format and layout. It usually takes many years of experience and training to handle executive resume writing projects. For instance, many Executive Resume Services will certify you to write executive resumes providing you pass their exams and prepare executive resumes based on client strategy.

Evaluating Companies Providing Executive Resume Services

executive-resume-services2Next, great Executive Resume Writers should be able to present you with executive resume samples of their work.  For example, Expert Resumes provides an in-depth list of executive resume templates for you to review. Each is presented in different formats supporting both client’s job target and employer requirements.

A good Executive Resume Service should have a complete understanding and grasp of strategy used when constructing your resume. Strategy should be developed based on clients’ needs, industry targeted, and career path. Executive Resume Writers should spend time to assess your career opportunities in the marketplace to find out how to best position you. For instance, based on market factors, client skill levels and education, the client’s resume might be best suited for a Director of Operations role versus VP of Operations.

Third, if Executive Resume Writers are effective at what they do, then they should offer some guarantee. It could be a free resume revision or money back guarantee. Bottom-line, Executive Resume Writers who are good should back up their work. Fourth, does Executive Resume Writers have a clear process in crafting executive resumes? How do they gather and use information to develop the executive resume? When is the resume delivered and what is the process for revisions. Finally, can you ask questions after the resume finish? If you get answers to all of these questions, you are more than likely dealing with a Professional Executive Resume Writer who is effective.

Also, what is the Executive Resume Writer’s success rate? Do they know based on the resumes they have written, how many of their clients received interviews and job offers. You also may want to know if they are published resume writer and recognized expert in their field. This will let you know if they are well-rounded and are qualified to write an executive resume.

Furthermore, check with family, friends, and referrals to understand their experiences with Executive Resume Writers. They can provide helpful, valuable insight into the executive resume writing process and their personal experience with Executive Resume Writers.

In summary, there are numerous factors to analyze in qualifying Executive Resume Writers. Carefully research and evaluate your options based on the criteria above and you should have a professional executive resume in no time. Be persistent and you will get your dream executive position.