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Accounting Manager
HR Manager
M&S Manager
Project Manager
Operations Manager
Customer Representative
Sales Representative
Administrative Assistant
HR Executive
M&S Executive
Manufacturing Executive
Sales Director
Changing Careers
Entry-Level Engineer
Registered Nurse
Logistics Coordinator
HR Generalist
Graphic Artist
Tax Attorney
Security Specialist
Military Transition
Program Manager
Network Technician
Cisco Engineer
Software Manager
IT Technician
Network Security


The use of resume samples by Professional Resume Writers are listed on numerous job and resume writing websites. They can be extremely helpful to jobseekers looking to download a template to use for their resume. However, “Buyer Beware.” Resume templates can guide you in terms of layout, format, and content, but are highly generic and bland. In fact, employers are able to quickly spot resume templates and will in most cases throw them out.

Resume Writers who are professional at what they do will list professional resume samples they wrote. Many of them will be displayed in Microsoft Word, PDF, or image format. For example, if you go to you will see a long list of resume samples listed both “before and after” to give customers a data point on what the Professional Resume Writers received and what they prepared. You want to see a variety of different resume formats, layouts, and content. This demonstrates writer’s command of the English language, syntax, and punctuation as well as understanding of standard resume guidelines and protocols.

Remember, Professional Resume Writers use resume samples or templates to market and sell you a product. It is up to you to evaluate the resume products and services they are selling to determine if they can help you. You may not see an exact sample that lines up with your situation. If this is the case, then ask the Professional Resume Writer to submit you a sample of their work as it relates to their situation. This can be extremely helpful in deciding who you want to choose as your Professional Resume Writer.

Next, examine the use of resume headings, job target, and verbiage / phrases to determine if the information is being conveyed accurately. You can easily see this by comparing both “before and after” resumes. Does the “after” resume capture what the “before” resume didn’t. Is each resume section presented in a concise, accessible, and easy to read format? Are the margins correct and is there enough white space throughout the resume. Finally, does the page length and overall strategy mesh with what the client is targeting.

When reviewing different Professional Resume Writers, it is important to evaluate their samples to assess the quality of work. By comparing different resumes from different Professional Resume Writers, you will be in better position to make a decision that works for you and your job search. Good Luck…