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Getting a professional resume prepared can be a daunting and frustrating task, especially in today’s job market. There are many resume writing services to choose from and can be overwhelming to identify and select the right resume firm.  However, firms providing free resume help to clients can give customer’s valuable information to make their decision.  This article is going to discuss how to revamp your resume by getting resume help.

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Getting free resume help should be done over the phone. The resume critique should clearly lay out the pros and cons of your current resume in terms of format, layout, strategy, and content.  For example, what is the current strategy your resume is using?  Is the resume outdated, does it lack visual appeal, is it full of grammatical errors or redundant in content, is it too long, or lack quantifiable achievements?  The Resume Writer should methodically describe what is working and not working in your resume and give you the opportunity to ask questions throughout the process.

You should be able to talk to the Resume Writer one-on-one to determine their level of skill and competency. They should be able to describe how they will organize your resume and what keywords they will use based on your job target / objective.  Do they have a passion for what they do and give you clear, solid information that is actionable and to the point? Getting resume advice can help you.

For example, review Resume Writers’ credentials when evaluating if they are qualified to give free resume help. Do they have the industry knowledge and experience to prepare professional resumes in your field of expertise or to critique resumes?  Also, evaluate their client testimonials, education, and years of experience to help you gauge their competence level.  Are they registered with the Better Business Bureau and what is their track record for success? Finally, do they list resumes samples of their work?

Resume Help

It is important to be open to the Resume Writer’s advice, but also objective enough to realize that it is there opinion.  It is smart to get the opinions of several Resume Writers to help you nail down what is working and not working in your resume.

Free Resume Review Emailed – What???

Many resume writing companies will prepare and email you a resume critique. However, the resume critique they provide may or may not apply to you. In fact, many Resume Writers will use “canned” statements as an impersonal process to complete resume critiques swiftly without having to address specific questions you may have. This may not serve you well because you don’t have the interaction or exchange of information that may be pertinent in deciding what resume writing service to use or changes you should make to your resume. Conducting your due diligence will be absolutely critical to get a quality resume service and advice that is relevant to your situation.

Another option is you can submit your resume to numerous firms for resume critiques to gather and assess information based on what makes sense for resume improvement. However, if you have questions, it may be difficult to get answers. Receiving free resume help will assist in in this endeavor.

Bottom line, do careful due diligence when selecting a writer to get resume help. It can help you decide on a resume service and direction you want your resume to go. Now go out there and get the job.