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Free Expert Resume Help – Jump-Start Your Resume TODAY

A custom-designed resume can “make or break” your job search.  However, most of us lack the skill, experience, and background to prepare a professional resume that employers and recruiters want to see.  With many resume writing services available today, how do you know which one to choose? Getting free expert resume help can help job seekers assess quality and competency of a Resume Writer. There are numerous reasons why you should get your resume critiqued today. In the article below, I’m going to discuss why you should get your resume looked at and why it is important to your job search.

Getting Free Resume Assistance By An Expert

It can help you understand what is working and not working in your resume in terms of layout, content, and strategy. There exist potential job opportunities and you need your resume refined to accommodate them. Receiving free expert resume help can help you define the introduction and work history to reflect what employers want.

In addition, getting your resume reviewed can help you if you don’t know where to start or not sure if your resume is presenting you in the best possible light. For example, if there is redundancy in your resume; is the resume too long; or does it lack visual appeal, etc.? Getting professional resume support will ensure these issues get resolved. Having your resume critiqued over the phone can help you get the specific questions and issues you have address. It is also an opportunity to evaluate the Resume Writer’s competency and if they understand resume standards.

Next, submitting your resume via email can provide you valuable information.  However, many resume firms use “canned statements” that sound like anybody. They may sound specific to you, but are really generic.  It is up to you to evaluate their advice and relevancy of your current resume to your career situation. Getting a free resume critique can help you understand if you need your resume reformatted or written with better keywords and verbiage.  Are you using the right resume format based on your job target?  Is the resume the right length? Receiving free expert resume help will take you to the next level.

Resume Help

A Professional Resume Writer should provide you pointers on how to make the necessary changes and adjustments to your resume to meet employer or recruiter requirements.  This requires them to be patient and have clear understanding of your job target and objectives. Do they understand the current job market and how your resume needs to address it?

The structure of your current resume also needs to be evaluated to determine if you are using the right format, keywords, font type, margins, and content. Does it contain all of the skills relevant to the targeted job. Is the resume presentation professional and on message or does it sound generic or cliché.

Resume Evaluation 101

You should begin the conversation with a Resume Writer as if you are interviewing him for a job. This would require preparing a list of questions to judge their competency. For example, is the Resume Writer Certified to prepare professional resumes?  Does he publish resume articles or books, present at seminars. or conduct training?  Does he have samples of resumes or linked-in profiles to show the quality of his work.  Does he have client testimonials and can you talk to him one-on-one. Finally, does the resume writing service have any guarantee and can you call them when needed.

In short, getting free expert resume help can be an opportunity to assess a writer’s competency and provide you answers to your resume issues. Whether you write your resume or not, you will have guidance and advice to steer you in the right direction.  The key is to interview numerous resume writing services to evaluate there help and if they are good fit.  Good Luck…