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Employers are increasingly using Linked-In as an online tool to identify top talent. In fact, the Wall Street Journal has reported it as the #1 tool recruiters use to publish jobs for free, get referrals, research candidates, and source applicants.

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Linked-In Profile Development Service Includes:
  • Providing you one-on-one service in setting up your Linked-In Profile to build your professional network and reputation.
  • Developing branded and keyword-driven summary and headlines to “humanize” you in engaging and attracting employers.
  • Optimizing and ranking your Linked-In Profile to make you relevant in search results and promote social / professional connections and interactions.
  • Designing concise and compelling content to showcase your experience and value to job recruiters and employers.
  • Updating details relevant to your Linked-In Profile with projects, volunteer activities, languages, awards, honors, etc.
  • Creating you a custom Linked-In Profile URL if you don’t have an existing one.
  • Our team of Certified Writers possess expertise writing Linked-In Profiles across all industries and career types to uniquely qualify and set you apart from the competition.
Please Note: Our Linked-In Profile Development Service is a FULL SERVICE that includes the writing, strategizing, SEO / keyword optimization, branding, and development / improvement of your Linked-In Profile.